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  1. i will join the first one
  2. i would like to join this clan but on the first weekends i may not remember to do my 5 arena wins but ill get used to it quickly
  3. my idea is that you can enter your birthday date ( if you want ) and everytime its your birthday on supermechs you get a free prem pack is this a good idea?
  4. i remember back then i used a energy free armor and a energy monkey torso as myth food for a terror cry i need these 2 things
  5. i like having an inventory limit but i would like to be able to upgrade it with gold
  6. There was a computer room at school and some times we could play videogameson friv and you, I discovered the game and the teachers said that it was too "violent" so i started playing it at home, its been around 4 years since i discovered supermechs
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