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Rise of the SuperMechs


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We, a small group of fans, are starting a project to prevent the death of the game. We want to increase the popularity and reach of the game on the Internet, as well as create new content to move  the community and make the game more active.

We are looking for programmers to make a SM fan made, if anyone have programming skills and have interest to join us to make it, contact me on discord.

Id: フェリペ#7575


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10 hours ago, Raul said:

SuperMechs isn't dying though, the opposite of that, since Gato Games bought it the player activity is going higher and higher, and uh, you can't just copy a game like that, plagiarism! 😄

It's ok the game perhaps isn't dying, anyway we want to see more about the game and incriese it's popularity.

Now about our project, we didn't even started and we won't copy SM (it can result in serious problem for us), just inspiration in SM and other games with this Idea. 🙂

We don't wish to plagiarize this work. 😉


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