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  1. well you better ask him why he hacks my account
  2. That is not my username and gmail, is hacker's one. I show that one is hacker yahoo gmail, but mine is not
  3. No i definetly not do it,, this guy is just comeplety hack my account
  4. Idk why someone always think i give out password, i repeat again and again. NO100%NO.
  5. I first use this community so idk how to report but thx ur suggestion
  6. @AlexanderPls help me. this photo shows the hacker name and account, this guy hacke my acc and destroy some of my weapon. So pls reset my security, change my password and ban this guy, thx. My contact gmail is anson12344321@gmail.com
  7. Someone just hacking my acc and delete some of my weapon, idk how to do it pls help help me My account username is U. S. S. R
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