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  1. WOOOOOOO stuck on lvl 178 for 2 years (including inactivity for 2 years) still waiting for a Terrorcry tho...
  2. kinda inactive..... just checking in once in a while

  3. i'd rather have portal. chance of getting tokens and relic.
  4. i don't use backfire drones. but it's generally good to use if you have 2.5-3k hp. incase you kill yourself in battle
  5. Limiting seems a little too stiff. especially when there's only 2 per day. for me, i usually quit in battle when i see people trolling. so i quit so i don't need to feel the frustration trying to win an impossible match. for people who farm arena like 8 hours a day, that kind of situation could happen pretty often. 2 quits is definitely not enough. ********************************************************************* That bring me to my suggestion. Purchasable quits. you get 2 free quits per day. does not stack. resets everyday (the same way events do). for most people who do not farm arena and only go for 5 wins (to get 5 boxes), 2 free quits should be enough. if you want more, 5 tokens each. yes that's 5 tokens each. it's not a heavy price considering that warriors back in the ancient days get their heads (or something) chopped if they quit a match. (don't quote me. i didn't take any AP history classes ). (if it's not chopping, it's some other kind of horrible punishment. you get the point). also, if you buy quits, you go to use them in the day. otherwise they'll reset to 2 (free) quits the next day.
  6. dropping ranks is definitely a little too easy in this game. from this other game that i play, ranking up is really hard, but you don't drop rank after each season. that's good for encouraging people to keep going up and to prevent people from quitting because ranking up is too hard. i spend a lot of time last week getting from R11 to R7. and now i'm R9 after the reset. getting to R7 took a lot of time for me and also a lot of head-banging-on-table. now i'm even falling off of R9 because i lost to a R10 dude who was R3 last week. people who drop from R7 or even R6 to R9 is reasonable for me, but people who drop from R3 or R4 to R9 is not. especially when i'm put with them. —— that is another reason why i brought up max-rank thing up above.
  7. honestly, i think this is a problem in game design. not entirely on the smurfers (how do you spell it?) the game made it too easy to drop ranks. ranks are supposed to show your placement/percentile in the game. and high rank is well respected (and for toxic P2W), mid rank is for the average play, and lower ranks are for people who are just starting and need help. and the origin of all this imo is matchmaking. so far, as far as i can see, matchmaking is based mostly, if not all, on rank. that is only useful when you only go up (losing doesn't lose rank). if losing loses rank, then matchmaking should be just based on rank because you can just drop on purpose. —— which defeats of purpose of actually finding a match. you see how clan war works, ... each mech gets a rating based on mech parts and how upgraded they are. that imo is how matchmaking should be done. (not entirely tho). we should also look at max rank because that tells us each player's limits so no matter how low you drop, you can still find an opponent with similar mech builds and ratings.
  8. anything is good for a swoop build (not energy torsos) yes of course..... but it's also very heavy.
  9. true. if you really need to, you can use hysteria. just know it's not that good. if you can't find any good ones, i recommend using dual malice or malice + hot flash (if you use windigo)
  10. windigo is pretty just a all-round torso. good for pretty much everything since it's got decent-good stats for everything. max one out. you might need it later even if you don't need it right now. nightmare is also a good one to max if you want an easy-to-upgrade heat torso. oh. and, get a top weapon. .... something better.
  11. visual glitch. no worries. it's not like you lost tokens or something serious like that.
  12. no idea but usually, for people here, when they leave, they don't come back
  13. i've been getting a lot of shopping ads lately on pc.
  14. honestly, naga is fine for a energy mech. Max those legs. Switch out blue madness. Make sure you use all E-M modules instead of C-E to increase upgrade space. Otherwise, there isn't really much too it. Oh, and if you use an EMP, make sure you got plenty energy cap and regen. if not, you'll end up killing yourself. if you use other torsos like windigo (don't use zarkares, it's no good), you can maybe use a hot flash instead of malice beam if you got your heat stats. Snack for drone is decent for low-mid rank. if you want got get higher, i recommend switching to face shocker or unreliable protector. if you can get railgun, unreliable guardian, or windforge, that'd be great also. (also make sure you got plenty hp for backfire)
  15. AftoKrator

    build help

    why you using that legacy thing?? (module)
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