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  1. !!!! Make maxed legy kits but don't max excessive items cuz one day you will need to fuse the useless stuff duo to housing space And this will hurt a lot
  2. All minions dealt 6 damage on my mech On insane
  3. What? You didn't get it You just said here The 3rd one you said to max a puk use lvl 17 puk Replace the lvl 17 puk with lvl 16 + 3 commons
  4. To max rare puk with rare puk use lvl 16 puk + 3 commons Instaed of Lvl 17 puk, which is equal to lvl 16 puk + rare item + common item To make lvl 16 puk just fuse 2 maxed common puks I wish you edit that so I can delete my reply if you want to keep the topic clean
  5. You are saying 3/4 of time? But 1 battle takes more time than 3 insta quit
  6. At least no more smurfers And counters will watch you killing their mechs
  7. OK what do you think about this If you quit 3 times in same hour you will get banned from battles for 2 hours Also there should be an alarm for this That's lot of damage for the counters and the smurfers
  8. They says he is not a cheater He just have a good gaming chair
  9. Flexing having 5 matrixes I think no one has more than that except clevername maybe Also I am rank 1 player but have zero protectors, just fortresses, I think I am the only one
  10. How? Which card do you mean If you mean the lvl 2 card "chance for rare item" it costs 3,350 (lvl10 discount) 15 × 3,350 = 52,250
  11. It has its users And it doesn't make sense to leave it useless like that
  12. Buff this Maybe if you made the price 500.. it's good for inactive bussy players If it's possible buff the common rare cheap one too
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