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  1. every time someone makes a joke do you shit on them for being rude anyways can u send a pic of ur mechs (again lol)
  2. its called u p g r a d e m o d s thanks for coming to my ted talk
  3. ok grown adult with said absolutely grown and mature adult complaining about corrupt light and malice because he is too lazy to upgrade mods
  4. did he have a burning shower and a windigo + rolling beasts if that's the guy then I just fought him and won lol
  5. confetti, the greatest invention of all time, its so bright that when the light hits the side it burns your eyes, its annoying to clean, and sometimes if its small enough it can get in your eyes best product ever I gave it a 0.5 star review
  6. 1. I'm too lazy 2. 500k gold is not worth 10 extra damage in my opinion the only divines I have are nightmare and iron boots lol
  7. brute users are fine if u have res dual heat bomb doe or empoop empoop is pretty bad
  8. perhaps the combined force of our logic is too strong for his mind
  9. I do not submit to the lowly ettin I only bow to the most powerful torso of all, the punisher
  10. its not my problem you don't upgrade your mods lol
  11. The charge blasts you forward into your opponent, right? So the reverse charge is (well a reverse charge obvs) It basically smashes you and your opponent 1 space away from the wall, like how when you use a charge you blast your opponent backwards one space, but the wall bounces you back. You can activate it in range 1-6. It deals pretty low damage (maybe 150-210 when fully maxed out) and has one use. the animation might be like a blast of air that pushes your mech backwards (unrealistic but this is a game where giant 30 ton war machines with no joints (wheeze claw) jump)
  12. I just don't really see any way that this could be used its pretty good and defo balanced tho
  13. meh good for the one beginner who somehow gets 1500 tokens
  14. well then you just get really lucky with the grimreaper rolls lol
  15. I don't divine stuff so this kinda useless for me but I can see how this will be good for other mid rankers and top rankers make it like the transforming system doe, 2 commons for a rare, 3 rares for an epik, and 4 epiks for a legendary
  16. when I run a build with a disintegration (backfire anni) I still die because there's no way in hell you're destroying 1.5k hp with 250-400 damage every turn
  17. ah yes instead of jumping backwards I'll teleport one space behind myself big brain 100
  18. so basically a weapon where it completely shifts the meta and pretty much everyone puts one or two on their mech because its extremely useful. seems like a great idea
  19. your anni won't save you unless your opponent is an idiot who has a grimreaper and lightning supporters or smth idk I'm in rank 7 rn and all the energy mechs rolling around in windigos or monkes with 2.2-2.7k hp
  20. no wonder you're complaining upgrade your mods you need more energy to run that against energy mains, unless you have a 2nd mech that's an energy counter
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