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Confetti Essay

Confetti... It's the greatest thing since... likes, there is nothing as good as confetti because confetti is bite sized, can  fit in your pocket, and best of all it comes in all colors! ranging from red to blue to purple to gold, there really isn't much you can't do with mind blowing invention. How to make confetti: first get a computer, then learn to code, after that make a video game(or buy one) and make a forum for it, lastly add confetti to it for Easter and never take it away! (no but seriously don't take the confetti away). 

The best use for confetti! the best use of confetti is using it in a clickbait title in a forum for a small flash game so you can far- I mean make a good conversation and get a better reputation! this may be the best use for confetti but it can also be used to ruin peoples cakes on their birthdays. Though these reasons are a little dumb confetti can make depression go away in an instant(i'm not responsible if you send all your money on confetti and get even more depressed) yeah that's right no more depression. 

If getting your cake ruined and making your depression go away aren't good enough then you'll be thrilled that there's more! confetti makes a huge mess that you have to clean up, and what better way to do that than asking your friends to help? While your friends help you clean up the tons of confetti you shot into the air you can bond and learn about each other and how much they'll hate you after this.

So, now your friends hate you for making them clean up a ton of confetti, so that doesn't matter friends are replace able, but confetti isn't even though you can just buy more think of the good time you had with each different piece of confetti, hating them all for different reasons. Confetti looks good on anything! even you! Saw a dress that looked good but didn't have enough color? put some confetti on it! Having trouble sticking it to your drees? buy our special sticky confetti(disclaimer: this isn't a real product)

The tactical uses of confetti. Confetti is very underappreciated on the battlefield(sm arena) despite being made of paper confetti can blind people and also break their eardrums, but that's not all! Confetti can make an awkward conversation in to the best discussion of your life, and that's not all, you can make it from almost anything, did you spend all you summer farming potatoes and don't know what to do with them? Just peel them and there you go you now have confetti so farming all those potatoes isn't a waste.

Remember how I said that you can make confetti out of anything? Well it's true that's why I'm proud to announce our new product... Edible Confetti! It's just as the name says! Edible Confetti is the perfect choice for any birthday party. Why you ask? Because when you shoot it it won't ruin the cake! Cakes being ruined because of confetti is a problem that dates back to when cake was invented, and this is our solution! After over 100,000 years this problem has finally been solved.

Confetti Cannon! This perk well be added in super mechs if we ask long enough, why would we do that though? Well the perks of this perk include, being able to shoot confetti, blowing things up into confetti, and confetti raining down your screen? This might just be visual perk, but in can be combined with a hat! Why a hat? So your mech won't look bald. Also so because some people(*cough*w.i.t.h.o.u.t*cough*) don't want to show their torso.    

How to fix your eyes using confetti. First shoot the confetti at a light bulb, second look at the light bulb, lastly let the burning confetti fall into your eyes. (Disclaimer: we are not responsible for permanent loss of vision or anything that happens to you because of burning paper).

Confetti Blast! This is an item that will have to get added if we ask long enough, but why? Because confetti is the best! Stats: 30kg 500-600 dmg 100 heat dmg 100 energy drain retreat: 1 knockback: 1 Range:1-7, makes opponent lose on turn. Why is this so good? Because confetti. Confetti blast is the best weapon made to overthrow the meta. 

Confetti Airstrike(name is still in beta testing)!  Another item that must get added if we ask long enough. This drone is a lot Face Shocker and Heat Point, It has three uses and it's stats are: Damage: 300-400 Range: 1-7 Energy Drain: 50 Heat Damage: 75 Knockback: 1. This drone is not overpowered for one reason, it needs to reload it's confetti, after using up it's three confetti ammo up it must recollect them by going back in the mech. 

Confetti Armor, the armor of the gods. Confetti Armor is a torso of immense power, with stats that are rivaled only by the old God Mode Torso. Stats: Health: 1,539 Res: Ele50 Heat: 50 Phys: 51 Heat Cap: 330 Energy: 330 Cooling: 100 Regen: 147. This torso is the best choice for new and old players alike!

Confetti Paws. These legs may not look like much, but they can do thing that other legs can only dream about! What can they do that makes them so special? Well they can move anywhere on the map just like the legs they used to be. This isn't the only feature of these legs though, they also can knock an opponent away 1-3 space depending on what you choose. Stats: Health: 793 Damage: 200-321 Walking: infinite. These legs may be hard to get but in the end they're definitely worth it!

 Confetti paint, not to be confused with confetti items. Confetti paint is the best paint for one reason,confetti! Why bother spending tokens on it? because this paint can be used with other paints to create the perfect combo for you! Want red paint and confetti paint? then mix and match them, use any paint with the confetti paint!

Confetti bosses, these mechs are equipped with special confetti weapons that will do damage of every element. Be careful round these bosses. Confetti bosses are found in the confetti campaign which can only be found after alex adds it, the confetti bosses include: Confetti God, and Confetti Crasher.

Confetti Badges! It's almost like these were intentional, but these badges are the third and fourth to last badges. Since confetti is supreme and its ways should be taught to all the confetti badge in third place in called mentor and because of the huge amount of experience that you need to wield confetti the fourth confetti badge is called experienced.  Getting these badges is not easy, but imagine having confetti next to your name.

I would like to conclude that confetti is the best and that I will never do this again because it took way to long, but confetti! these are the reasons you should go to your local store and demand them to give you confetti!

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