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KickStarter: Dirty Pair



Heads up. I am a buyer of anime. I shop mostly on rightstufanime, and other sites. Advertising on it and help funding is to get Dirty Pair Dubbed, on blu-ray. I clicked on it, and it took me to a website called kickstarter (Knew nothing about it).  It is a site in helping others to fund a project.  Getting involved ends in 10 days, for Dirty Pair.  Started in the beginning of this month.  Pledging is the main aspect of the site.  You can pledge $1 to whatever." You also get rewards when pledging. I have not seen Dirty Pair. It has been on my list to watch for the longest time. The more you pledge, the more you get. Something like this, I have never done. I thought, this sounds cool. So, I took a risk.  Just giving info out, if you have known anything about it.  I have bought a few anime that I have not seen, and I like them. So, I'm taking a risk.


To Find out how much I pledge check it out. "Lovely Angel"186405243_bandicam2021-10-2015-26-20-992.thumb.jpg.e1e6759ded3eb977d98caac0045da289.jpg

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So, here is and update on this.  I decided to pledge $375.


I want to do something not many do. Get ahead of getting stuff. Some may not be available, or may cost more.  This is another anime I have not seen, and decided what the hey. 

Twenty hours left to be a part of this. 

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