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3 hours ago, Ace Red Baron said:

Let’s just say that I tried keep gang together 

until the end …..

Trying come back its not so easy …you should try it one day 

Ace 🇨🇦

Hi best !!

Hmm, the gang when I joined you been part of the clan on those days till you lost your account and have to rebuild and make Top Gun clan with new account farmed from zero, the core of that group was solid. 

Other members come and go. It was a good clan for sure with good members and very communicative. The clan was based on wins for the rewards with titan and war and sustain a top 10 position. I never will understand why people come and go from clans that are stable in a good spot. 

The clan acted close to the top on those days like Reign, LLYL, HTK, TF, WL and few others about clan responsibilities. Not everyone can play that much for that long except few like Kitty. Such hard worker player in all sense and so great playing pvp. Not that many can play at his level and not interested in solo medals or clan medals. Just pure wins for gold, relics and titan as pure player. Some others too like that core of players were together. 

I joined as temp as you know not to stay just helping Shabba after asking for so long. I always rejected everyone. Did it for him been cool guy and asking over and over even when I started in my R20's reason I decided to join for first time a clan, but I was clear I will be as temp been a solo player to avoid clan dramas and play in peace.

You worked very hard and that is the reason I wanted to help you out last year, but I retired from pvp and the clan needed power and basic and you know well I will not join any clan if I will not do what it is in need as part of a clan. I do not like special considerations because that does not feel right. I am a fair square guy in games or in personal life not liking to take advantages of anyone. 

My kids were not willing to compromise to anyone and because they are the one that play some pvp, I can't force them to join a clan. 

I really do not understand why been at top, suddenly fall. Sad that Pinky left but it is not your fault. The problem was basic that some do not want to take over for the clan but also few wanted, and few did not want them been good for it. 

That was confusing to be honest. I know they wanted me to be leader, but I do not have time for such thing. 

Now, when I left, it was not planned. I went for vacation but then in my back to work there were changes and new assignment and my play time changed too not having the chance to play some time to time as used to do on my break at work. Sadly, no more so no pvp and kids tried to help that year with a previous job change to stay and do work in the clan but all change again and they have to play their own games and their own SM acc too and no time for it because school and personal life to enjoy as they like as kids. I can't force them to play my accounts.

I do farm because I can but pvp not been. MY son told me to try one clan one account, but he does not want to compromise to anything. My girl does not want to join any and also has been playing barely anything in the account and my son has been playing both times to time. 

The accounts need relics and been solo almost all of these years, I have barely few relics to max a premium. It is about what part to max or none. I have not maxed a premium since 2021 and it was because been part of CANDELA and RF. 

I will join OKI to bumbum when spot it is around available because my son says so as temp and if do not like with bad people then he will kick out the account. I can't do nothing about it because he is the one to fight war and few wins if can. 

I have no clue about his own O.DFARM because is the one he plays as primary and my girl is OKI as older sister. 

Will see if he will join O.D to RF former clan and still deciding this week. 😵‍💫 It is confusing about them. I do not get it. 🤷‍♂️ He said that will check what it is there or nothing. 

I do not know about your clan choice if they want. I will ask them. In this moment the accounts need a top 10 for relics reason my son will help me if like the clan it is ok for now. 🤷‍♂️

As you can see my accounts, has been solo since I had to leave or better say kicked out with logic and I requested just in case. 

Sure, send me also your clan info. I tried to join a week to the clan last year, but my kids no wanted to join any or changing their versions. Sometimes yes, then not then maybe then yes and played like that till now. Maybe I join for a week OD. if my kid say yes then will look for a top 10 if want or not. 


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