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I upgraded Avenger to max, am I cooked?

Am I cooked?  

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  1. 1. Avenger for electric build

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7 hours ago, lolzkiller3344 said:


Well, you better use NIGHTMARE easy to get just farming. Also, you should develop stone feet. The legs in use push opponent 2 spaces but you have energy recoil.  This torso but the red one image.png.f0611de387aa980ee33afc88b8c991ba.png easy to get every day. 

For now, use what you have developed. 

Also, because you have energy mech, your energy regeneration is very poor at 152. The cooling also is bad. Both needs to be 300 or more especially when you have to use an energy bomb. 

Do not feel bad. For now, work with it and then develop nightmare if no other good torso show. Nightmare is for every rank. Your torso will stay at mid rank. 

NAGA is good and vest is harder to be kill than naga because better resistance attribute. 

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