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This place exists?

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First started playing this game shortly after release, been playing on and off for years, enjoyer of the rockets and ammo being a part of the mechanics descriptions, still miss the original campaign and I was starting to think I was one of the dozen people still playing this game (exaggeration but nothing has changed in donkeys). Had a ladder rank 5 or so account, lost it, and this is my current account sitting at about 10.  Its not impressive but I'm happy with it.  Don't know anything about the meta but I don't push Ladder so they work for me.  I've been wondering if a community existed for years and am amazed to find it.



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Sad to know you lost the other account. 

It is nice to see you still playing on and off and happy to play. That is what I do when I can. I play for fun not for ranks. 

Mech is looking ok but need to add resistance. you have 2 premium resistances.  The cooling and regeneration also are low but seems you like to play with high energy/heat caps and limited protection. 

Anyway, keep having fun like I do. 🤡

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