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oki doki do you have discord?


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No, my friend. I do not have social media accounts generally speaking even this is a forum considered one. I only use the forum and very rare the game chat. You can PM me any time and when I have time I will respond. 

I work all the time. When I make a comment, normally I am resting at work a bit due to physical work positions fixing high tech machines or in my breaks. The other is back at home depending. Sure, there are many days during the week I do not look at it been too busy then one day I connect and respond many comments around as fun. 

If is about joining a clan, I am not a pvp player. Just my kids play by mood. Sometimes never play in a week or few days just fooling around never serios like me. Just playing stupid to see players moves and laugh about it and collect info about their sets as fun and wins normally are low. 

I am a solo player by default from start and as a temporary member of top clans to help them and help my accounts with relics which my accounts need but played just a year or a bit more and the rest so far as solo. 

I am a former member of CANDELA INC and RF. If I were to join a clan, generally speaking, I would like to see CANDELA back and RF pushing to top 10 and will ask my kids to join again but so far, they did not join back when the clans were active. Now one is gone, and the other fall members retired when can be top 5 or play for top 3 clan position. 

I asked my kids to join Thunderdome with BumBum. He is a cool guy and always been good to me. Also, Jasper Unleash Hell him been also another cool guy or Deos Eclipticae with Warrmachine.  Sure, I do not like leaders kicking people to add me. Not fair things to do unless they do not follow the basic of the clan but also to look in loyalty. 

They in reality do not want to join clans no wanting attachments and play as please when please in the way please because please themself. They have their own R1 accounts and are former R1 in their own merits all seasons close in power to O.D.FARM and their accounts are solo accounts. They played in different clans, but people do not know them related to me to ensure people do not associate us. Some people hate me like happens to all players and they started 7-9 years old so better be off in tell who they are as family decision with my wife who is also a R1 in her own. 🤗

Also, I do not like to join any clan with members doing illegal activities as I can see till today. I only join a clean clan. I will like the administration to look close to clans properly.  

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