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A 🪲?Screenshot_20240307-212423.thumb.jpg.def66d599f247aa65ed29e1e1a5ab1ac.jpg


Also it's been more than 2 weeks since my last post. Gonna ask how's my progress?Screenshot_20240307-215357.thumb.jpg.1b2cf12e7c50f4923712e7920022d031.jpgScreenshot_20240307-215720.thumb.jpg.8861a2b25a2673998417363d739cf9d5.jpg

I've also put some time building my second and third mech for war. Just trying to ready it for phys and energy build lol. 


Gonna also ask where to get the jump device? Screenshot_20240307-212742.thumb.jpg.d60f8b13c7170a71b9c3f3de3ef4a808.jpg


Lastly, I was told to not L15 my base for modules yet since i dont have enough gold but i read that too late and started going for L15 base. But imma max my gold mine to same level after and try to get the 4th gold mineScreenshot_20240307-215417.thumb.jpg.35bffe4f275d1a4247bb079161b53583.jpg


Story time!

This game has served me well again. It might be a hella Grindy but the bgm is just pure nostalgia and the guns firing are like asmr for me. I did use to play this after all back in the day which there's something i remember really well specifically wich are the modules or kits looking like briefcase that has a hole in the middle which displays bullets. The case like box was either green yellow or red iirc idk if there was blue for the energy. My first legendary weapon was the energy hammer which i would love to have. Sadly, i cant open my old account anymore and i just learned about legacy items too. Man. It's fun starting all over doe and surpassing my past account. Im also surprised how fast it took me to grind to this level compared to back then but ig it was like a few times a week only can i play the game due to not being able to use computer that time and i remember playing it in the browser too. Good times. Thanks for reading until here. Just wanna share since I'm bored. Lol

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nice. instead of individual pages. create you progress thread and follow your own history progress then look back what it was. keep records for fun it does gives motivation to look forward the next chapter. 🤡

 Nice advance. 

About the base, sure you want to make parts but remember that you can advance the BASE just until can make the 4 mines. Do not go beyond L2 in factories. You no need a 4 factory because low gold reserves. Having low amount of gold and mix parts around to level up parts, it is not wise to make parts due to cost. Do not put a rope on your neck. when get the 4 mines then focus to level up them in full and stop everything else in the BASE. If you are crafting parts is a sign that farming is low or progressing really fast eating all in front of you. I am a fast part maker and good grinder. Just balance. 

Focus to make strong best mech and that is ensuring modules. If have to balance for 2 mechs I will understand if crossed to use 2 mechs rank. Even so, use best for best set at this point. 

Careful in making parts just to make parts. 

You can transform parts to myth making your own legends for food if have too. Be wise using the epics granted and reserve some for the other mech as shields and plates regardless are the lower grants but weight is the same and will give your ideas what can be in the future. 

Use proper meat epic parts for it. Some examples, this is me making epic parts to make them legends then use those legends as meat to transform to myth the parts interested. The two circulated, are real trash to eat and can be converted to legend then to be eaten. The others are decent weapons for combat at some ranks so for you will be to decide what can be with them. You will have to get more epics trash to make the legends and help your L40. You need to have strategy. 





Just be wise. To do this, you need to grind to have gold and mix parts. 

I used some already some and I was 500 early this week. image.png.fb5ce449ce2c37c2c61aab59b1782537.png

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