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Do i buy this?



To me it doesn't seem that good since 5M gold and 2k arena coins are nice but 'only' 14 premium packs? I've seen around 20 premium packs in a 3k token offer and that seemed much more worth it.

EDIT: Okay i have looked at 4k offers online  and they are a TON better, i'm not buying this and sorry for making a dumb question.

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all depend on what type of progress you do. 

Your account at level 62. For that level, if you are new, then can help those 2000 silver coins, gold and packs. 

Now, you have to understand that the 14 packs are gamble. If you have money to get tokens, sure why not. IF you are free to play, I will recommend getting one offer with shields or duel ener/heat caps or rege/cool in order you can use better module space. Maybe the offer will give you that and more but maybe just blank bullet. 

The gold can be farmed in a week if want and making parts at the same time. It is your choice. 

If we talk about regular prices vs the offers, all offers variate from 25%--60% discount depending on the offer. All offers are good depending of what are you doing in your account and the purpose of it. 

Analize carefully your habits in the game. Do not rush to rush. Think properly and check pro and against toward that. 

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