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On 3/3/2024 at 2:40 AM, OKI DOKI said:

sure. just we do not know what you do have around. 

OOPS, I forgor. Here are my actual modules and drone (I'm still working on that energy :[ )Screenshot_20240306-010908.thumb.png.83fecbdb72d77efdcfff54fd9f45544d.pngScreenshot_20240306-010903.thumb.png.f052a789765ae5481e0d41e47e656e2e.png

On 3/3/2024 at 7:27 AM, SIUU said:

A  question if u have two corrupt beam, why add savagery ??

I'm just in the search for a long range heat weapon that doesn't push that much bc of corrupt beam's pretty mid range, and to keep the overheating theme. But I could just use the other one without savagery and save weight for another module... Idk lol

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Well, the rocket top weapon, doe have a function, but it is heavy. The heat bomb is decent, but you have limitations on heat recovery and that hurt you to combat. Also, the energy is very low in regen. Ok versus heat mechs and phys mechs for now. You have some room at modules. That room is to enhance energy recovery or if risk in the game against energy mechs, so it is best to use a cooling module. or cooling/heat module. You can drop the bomb because as mentioned, hurt you more for now. Too many heat mechs around. Sure, you can use the other 2 weapons if need but you need to think in the range. If you use VANDAL, you need to be carful because can take your mech out of range for corrupt even top rocket can harm for range unless saving your mech versus opponent range.

On 3/3/2024 at 2:27 AM, SIUU said:

A  question if u have two corrupt beam, why add savagery ??

well, normally when player start or in lower development, they lack on modules of all kinds, sometimes and extra weapon help to start. Savagery and his drone can complement a distance range against some opponents. Sometimes can play save and inflict some damage at distance without been touched. 

Sure, with modules around, will be different but can help in some ways even vandal for low weight.  This is my first mech. A lot of weapons not having modules to play. First with L50 parts and the coolest in the entire game.  I really like my first mech and had fun with it with my niece. I used to love how to see players getting confused. I pee myself laughing. 🙃

If you look carefully, it does have a purpose. 



Now check the second 


Both mech worked as combo and reached R2 because too many counters in those days so I was killing them but are mare R10 for those days. All weapons have functionality according account status. 

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