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Help to recover account



Help to recover account

Long story short. Me and my son have been playing this game for some time. Me ROSSONERO™  and my son Dragon Destroyer.™  He literally introduced me to the game and that was it, I liked it.

The difference between us is that he always logged in via google play and me via suppermechs account log in. 2 days ego he somehow was logged out of the game, could not log in for some time ans as a kid he got impatient quickly and pressed “new player” button by mistake.
Now he can log in but as a completely new player. 
I don't know how it works but I suspect that the google play account is now linked to this new player and the previous one is gone.
I am not sure if he ever used the username and password as it was always loggin in automatically.

I know that his old account “Dragon Destroyer™” still exists as he still is in my clan “ROSSONERI”

I know his in-game nickname
I know his player ID
I know his email address associated with his account
I have some receipts from purchases made to his account.

I have tried hundreds of different combinations of username and password to log in via supermechs account but I am not sure if he ever have one that way, anyway it did not work.

The question is: can he recover his account with the details that we know as it would be a shame to loose it that way, lots have been invested in this game, money and especially time wise.

I don't know what to do. I'll be happy for any advise.
Thank you

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Well, as far I remember, maybe the account was overwritten. Meaning, the previous account was erased. When I was new and tried to play the game as guest which the program allowed, the account used to remain around for a week or so. I logged back as new guess again and overwrote the account. That happens when log in with password etc and sadly was gone.  The I created OKI and registered. 🤔

I know you has been for long around. 

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