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On 2/23/2024 at 7:42 PM, Dark_Emperor said:

Why does the layout on my Campaign are different?, 

i saw others have different layout when fighting the Last mission on 1v1..

Mine have turrets and traps, and I find it hard to play auto, because the AI is ignoring the traps and turrets


I think, I saw that picture in the old forum. Someone mentioned. Do not play auto. If is the first time, maybe you need to arrange your mech for it. Play manual and figure out how to win. If you are trying to farm gold in that spot, forget about it. Just win one time then move to OD6 Insane for good XP, GOLD, FUEL efficiency and mix boxes and auto play if fast. 

Maybe a glitch when opened the account of some old set ups in the game as beta or else. That looks it is the Normal stage been green color. Get stronger and like I said, when we are new and less power, passing OD8 it is much difficult specially for auto. Do not drain your fuel trying or spend tokens if limited. just walk away for now if have too. In my case I had to combine my 2 mechs power in one to pass back then. 

This is the current layout OD8 INSANEimage.thumb.png.4d965b644267d30354f7814e9e554b7c.png

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