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2 hours ago, GreedyMC said:

Well here's some



Oh, nice. I appreciate. It has been very long I see clans at that area. 

WOW, Deos lower than some others? Hmm, weird. Great people there and good leader. 

TROLL FAST COPY now declining after medal. 

Only one with SUS. No idea, I think I know SUS. 

BR TOP that low. It was a top 10. 

U.S.S.R. still holding around. 

Thunderdome- Oh, bumbum clan. 

LLYL good to see them at top. 

INMAX holding. 

JASMC- still high. cool. 

Few others maybe recent. At least for me that I have not been playing or seen well what it is there. 

Very strange, to see my buddies Reign Forever at 17. WYH. C'mon guys, you are a group of tops. I left and you dropped? Push up. 

WOW, lots of changes.  


@GreedyMC Thank you very much. I appreciate your help.  👍

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23 hours ago, ャ養老く殇_Ψ誑嘢ヽ狩獵者丿DêSтЯǚсΤì0пキ said:

here‘s someimage.thumb.png.8e2274e1e2bab8e8e751cf4481b65a23.pngimage.png.3393644dcf7826bb2083aefb0e15c599.png

LLYL #20. WTH. 😱

513- Never seen at least do not recall. - Oh yeah, the leader has been around as long I am maybe or more. 👍

Welcome to Pen-No idea. Sure, I have seen the leader's name in the past. 

UNLEAH HELL-SANMINTA. Sure been around. Hmm, Jasper Clan. Should be higher been a top. 

MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE. I think seen before but can't recall.

Atom, do not remember. 

Polaris- Hmm maybe newer. ROSMO leader has been around.

Holy and The inbet been around some time. Sumeriam been longer than me.

Rusia- Shadow.Sure seen around. Few others I do not know.



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No, my children are not in a clan.

My accounts are solo accounts. In the past I played for some time in two clans. 

OKI DOKI and O.D.FARM first clan was CANDELA INC. belong to SHABBA. Cool guys and cool core players. 

I joined OKI DOKI as SHABBA requesting me since I was a starter and I denied joining any clan for over a year including my niece that played the account alone for some time back then. He used to chat with her and me and the clan used to have some ups and down. After begging for a year, I decided to give him a temporary support. I did because he always insisted never quitted so just to him then I decided to help. 

I joined just OKI and played according to what I was able to offer due to work and family. The temp condition extended many times because new players were inconsistent leaving and coming back. Annoying to be honest. Great clan and players just fooling around to get the clan reward without work for it. 

The core of the clan, they were awesome team and really hard workers for the clan. I stayed because those guys "and lady" really tried hard so I stayed longer to help them, and they were good to me and accepted me as one of them.

I joined then as extra O.D.FARM to help for WAR and I became good on it helping to achieve consistent WINS. Sadly, I had some new job assignment and bosses with a lot of work to do and I have to retire O.D.FARM  from CANDELA and stayed idle then I offered to join back with my personal offer, and I was granted entry to RF cool guys. 

I stayed playing till some work changes hold me back and I had to hand over my accounts to my children, but they have their own accounts too. They did what could do with limited time for my accounts then I had to take a long vacation out of communication back in Nov 2022 and because I was out of communication for long due to the area where I went for those months, I told the clans if no see me playing then to kick me out. 

The in my way back to home, I had another assignment at work and killed my even farm time for months and my kids refused to play my accounts so stayed idle. Passing many months, then they started to play just time to time and no desire to join clans. 

Anyway, they play for fun only. Because they do not play every day, the account in pvp is mostly idle and no desire to rank up and use test mechs belong to my old test R7 mechs. I just farm the account and time to time I do TITAN those with lower tickets collection no more than 200-300. They play Raid when remember so I check often if played Raid if not then I do the missing day but I also miss those days and Raid now mostly is 40% in full and the rest partial days. This season I completed. They not played and account was idle for 4 days then they played few 5 wins. 


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