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Eu preciso de ajuda para melhora meu mech


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On 2/14/2024 at 7:16 AM, Batista said:

Eu preciso de ajuda para melhora meu mecha quero fazer ele de calor más não sei qual itens melhora eu vou deixa meu inventário aqui

Screenshot_20240214-105436_Super Mechs.jpg

Screenshot_20240214-105441_Super Mechs.jpg

Screenshot_20240214-105445_Super Mechs.jpg

Screenshot_20240214-105454_Super Mechs.jpg

Screenshot_20240214-105507_Super Mechs.jpg

Screenshot_20240214-105511_Super Mechs.jpg

Well, just to start, you are just starting to play the game as I can see. For sure you are doing a good job trying to set up.

1- Focus in just your first mech. Limitations in modules it is normal starting and even takes time to get basics. 

2- Having limitations in weapons, heat seems ok for now. Do not max beyond L40 weapons torso and legs giving a spare time to get other parts might like but do not make parts to make. Gold and mix parts require a lot of grinding. 

4- Get these if possible one of them. image.png.1d67313da28644e0e852c785f69cd6b5.pngIt is a part that come in RARE-EPIC status or use the same one as side weapon image.png.d72b0936d8c7a9305d7252f04b0a200a.png. Those parts can help to rank up a bit. Sure, later on will need change. 

The weapon I showed first, require more energy and you are limited for now in that one having more problem to regenerate energy. Maybe another second as you have now, can help on energy deficiency having more heat spare. 

Focus on modules as you have for now. Max to the maximum in some of them that will stay in RARE or epic but it is normal. image.png.fc0ed9d1d4686419de09c35c66a894e3.png 

For these, go to L40. image.png.6a0e552aabd4408dce84d120be829b87.png

5- The drone can be max for now but hold back till get modules in shape before do more on weapons. Just balance energy and heat consumption according to usage and attacks. 

6- Side weapon image.png.b9b5afb051f07c88bb694a4c542b0151.png can help a bit but eat life. Need to be careful having low HP. Can be useful for now but careful.

7- This can be useful for now and for raid and even some campaign but then will be not good for pvp at higher ranks like the side weapons but ok for now. Just focus on modules. 

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