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Token offers

The Lucky Guy


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It is up to the player to think about it. Your current status determinate what offer can be best for you. 

All offers are good according to player accounts. 

Some players buy every offer to enhance by luck regardless of the luck. They just want to get the part they look for. 

Some needs a particular module, and we have modules offers time to time. 

The offer of 4k it is an offer that is good for players looking for luck having a bigger pool of boxes but not a secure part. Maybe get something or not. Maybe just meat depending how advance can be the account. 

Many 3k comes with some goodies and a secure module. 

Some offers like the recent 15 boxes for 2k it is a target for luck. Sometimes when the player starts, any offer can be suitable because in the end, will need epics parts to enhance like it or not. 

Keep in mind about your current status and what for you want an offer. What will be the benefit according to your current inventory, part in need and what type of mech you prefer to play as personal taste. 

If you are free to play, you need to be very careful selecting the offer. The 3k can be a decent choice if need a module like a shield or energy or heat as cap or cooling and regeneration. 

Think properly. The 4k can give a lot of stuff but not what you really need and can be all meat unless that meat will be useful for your current condition. 

Like I said, all offers are decent according to player acc conditions. 

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22 minutes ago, The Lucky Guy said:


I think I'll wait for 3k offer


that mech is looking good for now as new player just guessing. Nice hard work. You have spare weight for some items if need. Good luck in the 3k offer. It should be around soon. 

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