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10 minutes ago, Yuki_20 said:

Wow,Many golds!

Thx. It has been a while doing this for fun. I originally never planned to accumulate gold, but I was running low all the time back then then I wanted to have some around for crazy things and decided to go for 20 then 30 by steps then reached 100like that and decided to go to 300 but then been retired I decided to keep going to 500. Now I will hold back on that to divine some parts around slowly together maxing just one part till get those divined are completed then will make power kits the rest of the year preparing for 1000 premium pack opening early next year or so. It will take time but will get done. I should be able to do it already, but my kids last summer opened many making a mess that I have been correcting till now. The mess now is gone and working in a few touches here and there to get ready for the opening. 🤡 Lot of farming to come. 🫠

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2 minutes ago, LORD CHAOS said:


Now double it and give it to the next person😊👍🏿

Jokes aside Congratz man/woman Idk your gender💁🏿‍♂️💁🏿‍♀️

Thank you very much.

I am an old man for this game criteria but not to my mother. 🤣 I am still her 56 years old baby. 🤣

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