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What is going on? With great players and the leader is a good one.

I do not understand why walking away of a decent clan been at TOP 10 now with 12 members. Ridiculous.  

Does not make sense. 


Players should have a bit more of integrity to be honest in my personal opinion.

Sure, it is just a game but man....🥴


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a supermechs veteran of approximately 5 years would doubt whether continuing to play would be a good idea, due to the competition, the number of players, or simply there are no longer reasons or personal circumstances to continue playing it, therefore perhaps the majority of the clan should have abandoned it, thus It's the human mind, one doubts when you really think if it's worth continuing to support or play, in that case what happened to the clan, honestly I don't see much competition in the game anymore, maybe there is, but it doesn't compare to its days of glory, which is what made you want to continue playing it, and it was entertaining, seeing only 50-100 players per day is somewhat boring, especially since most of them are smurf bot farmers who don't even lack a strategy, that loses interest in the game.

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