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How to get back into the game as a legacy player?

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3 hours ago, OGcracc said:

All my weapons deal -1 damage and my opponents have thrice the amount of my HP.  How can I get back into the game? Everything has changedScreenshot_2024-01-26-14-19-44-27_c264d5eb861cc7ac834c90733237a77d.thumb.jpg.6fa9d9d39d5b5345686d89d0a38e57e1.jpg

I am not a Legacy player. Just Legacy players can tell you exactly what happen back then in their accounts, I hope they help you. There are many around.

What I do remember about some comments from them, is that there was a package to converts the parts or something like that practically losing all parts to make few new ones. 

There are few parts still working like old repulser or dual hook as far I remember seen around and of course some old legs used on purpose for some current set ups due to weight wise. Do not eat everything but basically, you have to start over because old parts do not have power or not even function plus some parts are similar but different function. 

Do not destroy the account till get some answers from those that went through the changes back in 2017 or before that.

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