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How bad is this for level 34



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Well, you can start a different account. The results can be better or worse. 

1- That torso is bad. Use Nightmare easy to get in common or rare farming. 

2- The leg is basic for now but do not enhance beyond L40 in case you get better 

3- I do not know your modules 

4- You have only one weapon Hybrid that it is a top weapon. image.png.6098ab8f835d9f305ff4cbb1e2a440a6.png

The rest of weapons are trash but are normal when the account is open and play for some days or a week or so. No shame on it. It is totally normal for everyone. I used all of those weapons back then.

So, it is up to you if wants to create a different acc. Just be careful how to use parts grants and farmed. The drone it is ok to start.  


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Yeahhh I really should've been more careful with my items cause getting out of this hole would probably take me quite a long time😔 Completely forgot that part after my 4 year break


Thanks for your answer! I'll probably make a new acc, that'd be easier


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