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An Introduction to Supermechs

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quick rundown for beginners:

step 1 
resource management

be efficient on your resources since they are limited

you will get powerkits, items, gold, tokens, and fuel

-powerkits you will want to level up to max but not transform

-items you will only want to level up ones that go to mythic. items that dont go to mythic that are worth keeping are repulsors iron plates and savior resistance module
A common torso to start out with is nightmare if you have wendigo, you can start with that. premium items you always keep. NEVER FOOD PREMIUM ITEMS
another note when leveling up items is to level them up all at the same speed. generally speaking maxing a single item at a time is inefficent due to 
diminishing gains; ie the great amount of power you use to level up an item as it reaches its max level isnt improving the item as much as it could
improve another item. That power would be better spent on that other item and you can level them all up gradually.

- spend gold to upgrade transform and work on your base

-tokens should be saved for offers. ideally 2k offers in the beginning, eventually moving to maybe 3k offers for
specific items

-fuel you should use often, spend on campaign

try to farm campaign highest level you can but ideally overlord den 8 insane eventually

you need a mech for that. you got options depending on what items you have

double malice (good for arena and campaign)

boiler (ideally flaminator + savagery) (great for campaign and raid)

double frantic (good for arena, moderately good for campaign)

step 2 level up your base!

base is incredibly important, especially in the long run.

level up your gold mines as high as you can then level up HQ. Don't
worry about leveling up your item factories, the most efficientitem to craft
is commons at level 1 anyways

(next step could be arena or raid but arena is where we have fun mostly)

step 3 arena!

in arena depending on the items you have you can build different mech setups

some solid ones are as follows

double malice (minimal epic items needed 1 for shotgun 1 for drone 6-7 for mods)
        8-9 epics total *could use 1 more epic for an emp eventually*

    due to poor mods on most other mechs it will do well

double desolation (minimal epic needed 2 for desolations 1 for drone 4 for mods needed)
        7 epics total *could use 1 more for a res drainer*
    due to only heat stats really needed great for minimal arena shop bonuses

supreme cannon desolation (moderate epics needed 1 for desolation 1 for supreme cannon 1 for shotgun 1 for drone 6 for mods)
        10 epics total *could use 1 more for res drainer*
    great for pushing most mechs out of the comfortable 3-6 range

double brute (moderate epics 2 for brute 1 for shotgun 1 for drone 6 for mods)
        10 epics total
    great high damage due to terrible resistance for beginners

*notable exclusion*
flaminator dawnblaze (although it only requires 3 epics for dawnblaze shotgun and drone the mods needed for it to work in higher ranks
are mostly premium mods)

for arena shop just focus on your element damage of your mech and resistance and hp

also dont worry about dropping ranks. good arena rewards dont come until much later so the rewards for upt to rank 10
are all pretty bland. just worry about the arena shop coins for your daily 5 wins.

step 4 raid:

coming towards the end of the game not much depth will be provided for this since this is for beginning

keep your 7 heatbombs heat engines flamethrowers*premium* cooling boosters heat drones 
flaminator and savagery.

2 heatbomb flaminator and savagery will get you decent scores for low raid anyways

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