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About getting to lv10 and beyond.

Chaos Cat


Hey hey good people. Wanted to ask about level 10 and beyond. I play mobile version. I have many things to upgrade and change. My question is, what was the most important change you made to get to level 5? Im 11-12 sometimes level 10. My goal is level 5. No matter how many years it takes its fine.

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Do you mean to be at Rank 10 and hit rank 5? 

Rank and level it is a different thing. 

If you mean rank? 

1- Focus power in your best mech you can build.

     a) Why? Maybe you can cross to R5 in 1v1 if have a solid one and for that, the best resources go to that one. 

2- Remaining parts will be for your second. 

3- Do not waste resources trying to make a 3er mech. 

      a) Why? You will constrain the first two mechs needing parts and you will eat farmed parts and gold for nothing.

      b) Focus in first then in second. That will help you enter to R5 in 1v1 and maybe 2v2. 

Basic understanding of the game it is ranks to be understood properly. 

There are some bottle necks in the game. Let's talk about just one but there are others before and after this one. 

R10 it is a rank hard to pass for basic reasons having many players around trying to escape the cluster. 

      1- R10, it is a rank that by default everyone will be almost or all complete MYTH L50 in weapons, drones, legs and torso. 

     2- They normally will lack in modules keeping them in lower HP and protections like resistance, energy and heat. 

    3- They built a basic mech that can reach the rank but will begging the mechs modifications because maybe started to get parts not obtained before and it is the rank to do so focused in the primary and secondary not a 3er even people do that often. 

    4- Smurfs create a problem for them because many stay in the R8-R6 for some reasons

         a) They are collecting wins

         b) Some are there too powerful, but they do not have a 3er mech to compete in the 3v3 so that season will be plague of top gunners that can even reach R1 but can't fight in 3v3 and will take constant losses not been able to win and takes too long to get a lucky pass. So, those players end up pushing down natural rankers belong to R8-R6 down to R10-R8 and that keeps going to lower rankers so R10 it is a mess. I was one of them too. 

-So, basic things to do if you are not a pay to win player, 

1- FARM like there is no tomorrow- LITTERALLY SLAVE- I am one of those slave masochists. 🤣

2- Properly use the tokens granted in the game.

    a) Daily 3 wins

    b) Raid

   c) Game daily offers some grating tokens to destroy enemy structures or getting some wins. 

   d) Portals if any

   e) Clan wins

   f) commercials

   g) Complete Achievements

   h) Campaign bosses in normal hard and insane

   i) others 

 About many years to get there?

Well, luck depend on a lot in this game to get granted decent part but as free player, you need to be a consistent gold farmer and to progress the level of the account doing so and to play 7 days 5 wins minimal for the silver coins. Join a decent clan regardless their rank but look for those with wins and play titan and do war and like some wins like 1000 wins per season. 

You need to farm more than one time a day. Let say, if you go to school and your parents allow you to play just a little to complete the wins, titan, war, raid and farm one time an account with just 40 in fuel as maximum, that will take way too long in the years for a real reality chock. 

Only players paying can push up faster and if they have real money then buy gold etc but even pay to win and bad luck on grants, can be hard too. Some others can buy some offers not many but have to farm to push up if luck strike them. 

Been a pay to win, do not translate to get every part around. Every account is different in grants. Sometimes you can even wait 5 years or more and no get the item even paying. I am one of those for 4 years and still waiting for parts even with premium packs purchases and others with little have them by luck. 

Now, if you farm 4 times and use gold and mix parts granted properly, you can push in 5-6 months to R5. I did 8 times so if I did, everyone could do it too. Sure, it is dependent of how life it is per person. Everyone has different life reality.  




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Hey Oki doki,  thanks heaps this!! Sorry for the late reply. I have things to change to get the mechs where I want them. I made a change that was successful. More to be done. Appreciate the advice. Titanium destroyer,  thanks for the realistic time expectation. Years it will be. Have a good one all!!!

Speaking of resistance....I'm resisting upgrading my physical mech...resisting wins.....I'll be chasing double brutes lol. Ima have a go and not resist!

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