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My rank 2 builds & dead clan


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Hey guys, this isn't a flashy video (doesn't even have sound) but wanted to share the builds I used to reach rank 3. I show each item briefly so just pause to see.

Strategy is using mechs 1 & 2 unless the enemy has two energy mechs, in which case you use mechs 2 and 3.


This milestone made me wonder if F2P can reach rank 1 so I made "F2P no hacks gang" where any legit F2P above rank 10 can join. If we get full it'll become gladitorial where the least active player each week gets kicked.

Its just for fun so kicked players can join back after 24 hours if their spot is still open but eventually we'll have a really active clan to climb the ranks!


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Last week I shared my rank 3 2V2 build so this week I'll share my rank 3 1V1 build. 1V1 mechs tends to have really high HP so last weeks mech doesn't work because energy builds can tank until they can jump out of range and keep me immobile with energy drain.

This build uses Massive Stone Feet and a Party Crasher for mobility. The lighter legs allow swapping Rock Polisher for a heaver but beefier Mercy that doesn't drain hp. Here is the video 🙂

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