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Cómo puedo desactivar la base??


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In the beginning it does require to grind a lot for gold. 

Look this video in 30 days and look at the account progress at the account level. you will see the numbers moving. that means is farming fast. you just need to figure out the time to farm when is possible. check how long takes to from 0-to the fuel max in your account and time the time then grind during the day maybe 4 times. 

Days like today are days to use properly to get as much gold you can and days that gives fuel 100% more it will double the speed in regenerate and cap allowing you to go for 8 times or more to fully grind. Today is 200% for gold if

you pvp and if you pvp a lot today will be good to accumulate gold. 


The base can be upgrade slowly till get 4 mines and that will take in a normal speed 6 months to get maxed. Using tokens will be faster but not wise for free players. Just balance the gold but require discipline to balance between enhancing a part and the BASE. The factories cost a lot and when start is best to focus in the mines. Just progress 1 factory to L2 no more. You do not need to use factory to make parts because cost money to make parts. The same will happen without BASE account. You have to buy boxes and will cost no matter what. L2 factory is close to a no BASE account. 

My account is BASE account and reached top as free to play before any purchase and farming I got now image.png.cfd34d6db3b58f96d18cfbb2ca01c3c0.png with not much pvp.




vs pay


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Muchas gracias!!! De verdad animas mucho más para seguir de verdad gracias!!!! 

Pero si necesito fabricar por cual carta me voy para fabricar. En estos momentos estoy fabricando cartas rara/épicas cuesta mucho y dura mucho 


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Take your time. Look at each cards evolution level. Some are only basic, some can go to divine. Each card has colours at the top. That's the cards evolution level. Look for white,  you can evolve to the highest level. There are some exceptions.  Get your base up and running and grind through the campaign to get cards and tokens. Pick the mech type you want and build on that. Sorry I have responded in English. Battle me anytime or chat. Regards ChaosCat.

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