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What type of mech should be my main?



I have played super mechs years ago, but i have quit it for some reason.

Now i started playing a few days ago again and forgot most of the stuff and i'm asking what type of mech should be my main? Psychical, Explosive, Energy or a hybrid. This is my main mech and it focuses on overheating.

My second and third mech are just fullly equiped with one type: energy and psychic, but they are far weaker than the main mech so i do not use them.

I'm currently saving 2000+ tokens to be able to buy a good offer and get stronger, but until that i'm stuck at rank 18 in the arena.

Sorry if this question is extremely dumb, i just couldn't formulate it better.

super mechs main mech.png

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Heat Mech: Very fun and popular for a good reason, mostly weakest in damage dealing among other elements but overheating or shutdowning your enemies can change tide of an entire battle

Energy Mech: Quite fun but can get bit painful in higher ranks. Drain enemy's energy and you'll deal more damage (each energy drain converts to damage after drained). And enemies cannot use most weapons as they need energy to shoot but beware, there are energy free weapons and they hurt

Physical Mech: Very boring yet strongest, mained by people ranging from psychopats and war criminals, all physical do is damage and it's very good at it, you'll see so many paranoid people trying to roll 1000+ damage in single salvo with their double Frantic Brute mech in arena, playing as physical mech makes you want to move onto different while playing against it makes you want to not play arena

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Both previous comments are good advice. 

About that mech

1- The torso provides a bit more energy and heat cap. Sadly, it is bad in cooling and energy regeneration post use weapons and attacks against you. Don't use that torso or keep it not enhancing. You can get Nightmare easy to get in rare and common status as free and can be use all the way to the top. That torso won't be good at top. It is hard to set and require proper modules. I was user. 

2- Legs are ok for now till get something better 

3- Hammer it is a good weapon with proper set up. Keep.

4- Top weapon Frantic Phys keep and develop. 

5- Heat shield drainer is useful. Keep. 

As you mentioned, you will wait for some offer, try to farm gold as much you can. and be ready for it. Do not spend gold and farmed parts in the wrong parts to develop. 👍


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