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On 12/30/2023 at 2:50 AM, LORD CHAOS said:

Guys its so hard to win wars especially when a clan has this many maxed out player 

Does anybody have any tips so that i could at least help my team



Get into war is a hard thing to advice. The game will match you up to closer AP of the clan. The best can do is to fight even lose. The other is to all get in war and lose but still get a reward. The other is to progress team power in their own development. The other is to lower your team AP to get match with a fairer fight. 

Picture below show that my clan might get match with that group


Your clan need to get together and talk to each other for strategies. Observe the mechs in question then attack as group when can win better to get more % damage against the opponent. You need to attack the one can be compatible to win good %. You need to make your account team mech in an order can execute a good attack with the opponent you choose. Do not attack any for attack. You need to think carefully and check them. 

Also, your opponent will attack the weaker in some areas. It is very important to make mechs that are balanced or counters that can work without energy or so. 

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