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Looking for new clan

Chaos Cat

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Hey hey, 

Looking for new clan. Current clan has only myself and clan creator active all others left or don't play the game any more. I play in level 11/12 in the arean. My name is Chaos Cat if you want to look me up. I'm active daily and want to do clan battles again. Has been like 6 months since a clan battle. I would love an invitation. 

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Sure. just be patient there because sometimes some around are jokers and bad mouths and some are looking to join and take advantage. Just careful of clan's issues. 

There are some clans around that are good. Also check for clans looking for members. Your rank it is desirable for many. That gives some power and can fight war, titan, and wins. 

When you search for clans, ensure not to be in any as your own clan because in that case won't be able to search for them and look for what it is there. image.thumb.png.f5f15dfa8ee2ce0454d120f215d448ab.png

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