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I could've paid for child support and provide legal financial support for my divorced wife but instead i paid for packs


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Enjoy your gift hard worked. 🍻

She can work too, you know. 🤣 

Also, the kids can work too. 🤔

I work since the age of 5 so.... 😉 they need to learn from early age reality of life.

Good learning experiences for them. 🧑‍🏭 That give them structure and a bit more of maturity. 

Gift entitlement to someone else is wrong regardless of whom they are. 🤗 

Gift it is a gift when can if want, it is not an obligation. 🙃

Ah, my family read what I post so they are well aware. 🤗


Have fun maxing them. I do have fun. 👍

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