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HOW can ı improve my mech?



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8 hours ago, TheDarkSoul said:

my mech is bad



If you are new player in the game the basic it is grinding as much you can every day and use days like today extra gold and max as much you can. 

This is an old player recent video starting a new account. There is a second part watch and learn how fast she made a R11 mech in 30 days free. Check her grinding speed maxing as much as possible.


Also, in order the players here can help you out, you need to show your entire account and see if you have parts that maybe can give your ideas to use better. 

Now, what you have to understand is that the grinding for gold it is the progress of your account. As little you grind per day, as slow will be the progress. Can make a decent mech to go to R10 in some months or years as some around grinding one time a day. 


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