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copper flame


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You have few options around for now. Sorry, I do not have Nightmare maxed just Epic so numbers will change to higher plus my account is maxed and your will give a bit less on energy, heat and resistance. I will say that Frantic will help advance to some degree. It does have more room as you get other parts. It does need future modifications. In the current condition, you can still add weapons as preference. At lower ranks, there are many people with high energy and heat caps. 



In this case, it can be modified but all depend on the strategy you want to play for. The cooling and regen will increase more with a maxed Nightmare. The problem is that you can't hurt that much resistance and you try to make a boiler. Your set up was not including a drone having limitations with and is not a good drone because eat life but you need one to complete heat effect. You have repulser to force with savagery and Supreme attacks and heat bomb as overheating if need. There are limitations at this point. Maybe with lower caps and a bit of faster recovery might help a bit for now. There is no charge even can help to push but won't hurt the opponent on phys attract because no damage to the resistance. The hook it is energy hook to help on weight set up, but it is a double edge vs energy mech but ok for heat and phys because will not generate heat to keep overheating your own mech. 

The EPIC phys resistance you need to include that one because will suffer really fast against phys mechs with their high resistance. It is not much but can help a bit so max and use for now. THE WEIGHT WILL CHANGE AROUND 5 MORE instead of 996 will be 1001 if not wrong because the combine heat/ener is premium that weight 5 less than regular you are using. It can change more but I do not have time to keep going. I am at work break. 



You have few around if no others. Just modifications can be made according to how you will prefer to play.  






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