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Having troubles while trying to play



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7 minutes ago, JUGGERNAUT said:

Just try again tomorrow. 

Usually server error or sumtng

Maybe it's just as you say because I tried to switch device on my phone and it let me Logged in automatically and once i closed it and tried right after to log in from tablet automatically over again the same problem appeared and now neither my phone couldn't get logged in automatically like always and the game its just keep loading 

Pff its just that i haven't done my daily quests and everything 😞.

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20 minutes ago, shockwave333 said:

yeah i am having the same provlem this game is a train wreck 

Alright thanks at least now knowing that i won't delete and reinstall the game ill be waiting until tomorrow to check.

I am about to try and plày the same way like before in my old phone which the game is still on it let's see what will it happen.

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1 minute ago, bestplayeroftheworld said:

same here - game does not work (again)


Ppppffffftt.....can't wait for real because nowdays i am working very hard on my mech to cup and max it  up!

i will make a new topic about that so join me guys if you like.

2 minutes ago, shockwave333 said:

i am checking discord for updates and nothing at all bro

That's weird as always it is.

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