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what is this????



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problem with the commercial affecting the campaign?

no if i kill a robot by breaking their energy the game just straight up gives me a lose


i did manage to make a workaround i simply killed them with the backfire explosive drone and claw stomp and not breaking their energy

6 minutes ago, OKI DOKI said:

problem with the commercial affecting the campaign? 


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3 hours ago, feature3 said:

The only thing I'm asking myself is how to play on the website

just download the SM game to your PC or phone just for say. 

I always will recommend opening first the game in a PC if possible, downloading the game and making the account there. Then to make it in a personal phone then can be in the game web pages having the game there then you can link on worthless social s. Is better to have the account directly to the owner in case social things or game web pages have issues and that happen often. 

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      Transaction did not go through and lost money

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