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"Slightly lucky"


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Hello and welcome to my post,

I am a returning f2p player who decided to start again today and just had something slightly lucky happend to me....
I was playing on a new account doing the campain until "finally" beating the third boss at level 15 and getting some "slightly lucky" loot
Pretty sure Platinum plating is one of the most desired items, not 100% sure on that since it was a few years since i last played.


Besides that i was wondering;

1. What the good arena shop upgrades are

2. If i should start saving up for token deals asap or open 1 / 2 prem packs to get me going


Capture.PNG.2786280049b6031655b83aed56e9fcfd.PNGI got them both out of a single boss kill.


Anyway, just wanted to share and ask. Thats it so have a great day, cya.





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That it is an awesome loot. congrats.  

Welcome back to the game. 👍

Platinum plating it is a key component in the game. The drone and plating can be max out. 

For arena shop items, it does have some personal decisions and luck directed decision plus basic decision.

The reason why that comment it is related to the luck of parts dropped to play from early stages that decisions might change about power granted. For example, if your account provided you better physical parts, then you should upgrade a bit more that side. Don't have to be like that but the tendency might happen.

My recommendation doesn't have to be right. You have to understand that all of them are important, but I will say something that might others will say something different. One of the reasons is that older players had originally less items to max than now then they maxed having tons of coins saved no in use and used to max the new added parts.

I will mention this as a player well known as farmer looking for gold to enhance parts as fast possible. My ways are not necessary the best for you, but you can use it as reference in one direction mentality. 

But let see..

1- The items in the picture below, will be less important for now depending on the way you will play related to grinding for gold and daily play. 

     a- If you are a heavy grinding all day long opportunities, do few advances in the gold area. Forget about the others for now. That will help you on gold advances that will help max parts faster. At early levels, the coin use will be very low but as advance will be very costly and hard to get those silver coins and will have to be wiser to allocate them. You have to play literally 5 wins every single day 7 days a week without misses if want to progress on that. It does takes very long to finish them, and I mean can be years if you do not play those 5 wins daily.  


b- If you still in the grinding side maximizing opportunities during the day also will need this one below picture. The top one, not circulate it is very important too, but you can decide if want to go for it. The one circulated is to improve the fuel recovery. Without it, to get fuel during the day will be slower. The other is to max the capacity of how much fuel can have or better say is the fuel cap. The maximum in the game is 95 fully maxed. Starting will be less. 



2- For defense, let's check basic 

     1- The one circulated it is very important because that will help increase the HP of your mech. Let say just for say if the torso maximum at divine status is 1000 on HP, that will add 350 to it having then 1350 and that it is an edge to win the opponent "maybe" with just HP advantage even with less powerful weapons or mech overall in your side. So, this is one of the first to go for or maybe the most critical for your account. 


   b. Basic shields are important. Sometimes or some recommendations are based according of what I said, your luck getting parts and you desire as robot preferences. Those are the shields improvements. That makes your robot harder to physical attack against that particular element as phys, heat or energy base mechs. The 3 of them are key to survive. Every torso has shield base except the Monkey type torso. Shields progress as you level up. Let say just for say max shield of a torso is 30 then that will add a lot more to protect your mech on that element attack against your mech. Many people will say phys as primary, but all depend on the element that your opponent is attacking you. My recommendation is to advance them in the early options first 4 upgrades then will be too costly on silver coins and will have to choose what will be more important to you. So, level them up equally to the 4 level up but you will decide what is best for you. 



c. As mentioned previously, your element of preference is important. Is based on parts granted and how cool you see the mechs and like to play with. I am a Hybrid player for preference but that does not work that supper in the game, and you need to go as you progress to build elements pure mechs. Sure, some mix can happen and win. First picture below is an example of element area that will help your mech to cool down faster after using weapons or a heat attack.


What I did was the basic. I level up them 4 stages and then select because will be costly and will have to play 7 days 5 wins to maximize coins collections.


Note: At early stages, the coins grant regardless the 5 daily wins it is lower than to a higher rank. What do I mean is that to at some point as you progress your mech on rank, the drop will be a bit more but not much but when count of daily play it does make a huge difference been under development. 



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