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Are Rolling Beats Good?

Shredder SM


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On 10/18/2023 at 2:06 AM, Shredder SM said:

Are Rolling Beasts good? I got them on my alt a while ago.

Any help would be appreciated! :]


In the past it was used often. It has been used more for physical mechs with recoil, nightfall and night eagle. Other option was used with frantic and recoil or maybe SPARTAN if available. Another option was the dual Desolation with few repulsers. 

I will not recommend the use but can be useful to practice if decide to use the runner as example. You will need to have some plating. Sure, things changed with resist drainers around etc. Mech still in use but not often as used to be and will say very rare right now to see it. Sometimes was used for energy mech. Legs are better now. 


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