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On 10/16/2023 at 12:28 AM, GameSmasher said:

I have a little over 200 Million more to go to hit 1 BiLLiON 🙂

If the SM game will actually roll over and show it or it will stop at all 999,999,999


I do wish SM one day will up the XP level again been at 250 for years,,

maybe some day

Have you reached the 800 marks already? 

I know you play before me this game and have seen you there since I started playing. 

To get 800, it is insane farming and if you are making parts at the same time even more. I have been few times fully retired, and my farming have dropped a lot and not playing pvp missing daily and else unless my kids do some pvp. 

I guess you were one of the first 5 reaching L250 in the game. I was in the first 20 or so but I was new. I still make weapons and farming some daily if possible.  

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