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Need clan members


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you should tell the players about the clan and rules. Introduce yourself etc just saying something like: 


Is like I am OKI DOKI, and my in-game name is OKI DOKI. I play SM for 4 years only for fun making parts and test them, but I would like to change a bit making my own clan and be competitive at R7 and to advance to higher rank position and see my clan in the top 10. 

My clan's name is MECH CHUNKS 5 currently as solo player, and I would like to make my clan grow with serious players that want to be part of a clean clan without issues. 

I play normally on Rank 7 and I would like to have players ranking from R9-R6 if possible.

I want a clan very active. 


1- Respect to team members and too all game players

2- No cheating player

3- Play TITAN and ticket collection

4- Do Clan War

5- Help each other to grow providing assistance to improve as player and mechs for the clan success.

5- Play 5 wins per day to complete daily and collect tokens rewards of 1000 wins 

6- ETC just some basic information. Clan is open, who is the leader....... 


They do not know anything about you. Open a clan page with rules etc.   Make it fun and attractive. Good personality as leader it is a factor and to have daily communication with the clan members it is a key to advance. 


Sure, I am retired no searching busy in life. 🙂


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