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An special day idea and a question

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Well, hello everybody again, i think i gonna return to make the weapon or idea blogs
Only 1 damage day idea

that day the weapons these have only 1 damage probability, they only do the max possible damage they can do, like the legacy weapons that only have only damage stat. Meaning of these is that the weapons become full broken for just one day. The rules are simple for this day

+ Only one weapon that does over 600 in damage in case of physical weapons

+ In case of energy/heat weapons, only one that does over 450 in damage

+ No use of resistances drainers in any type of mech

 Now a question, it's still this drone good in damage for ranked?

because i have a heat mech and the only heat drone for these things is this


I know he can drain 20 of heat, but it doesn't help very much with the start of the double modules. Well my question is now, I stay with the nemo or better upgrade a fire fly?


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Sounds interesting 👍

About the Firefly drone. The drone was commonly used by the time I started. The drone was somewhat good with proper builds. It is a drome base more on damage not a real overheat drone even help a bit. 

The drone still good for some mechs builds now with the new resist drainers. It can take you to R1 with those depending on match maker and player with a full proper mech divined, if possible, to reduce marginal losses. 

It is a bit more practical to be use now in 2V2 and 1V1than 3V3 generally speaking. Sure, it is base in opinion and test plus mech owners. In my case I will say is more useful in 1V1 and 2v2 but don't have to be. Skills of the player it is the factor.

For Nemo, top players do not use that one that often now. Used to be use all the time but with the Swoop buff, now is less use and less favorable due to weight comparation to make builds but still a decent alternative. Sadly, it does not create shields damage reason Swoop has been used a bit more now plus weight. 

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You only use nemo until you get swoop or firefly. Swap as soon as you can.

As for the single damage, I like the current randomness because you get clutch moments where you don't know who will win. I love when my opponent and I GG and then BAM, the RNG was so bad the the mech survived and we're both surprised. Even better when the unexpected survival happens twice.

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