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What is happening here.... ?



I have been a supermechs player since 2012, I usually play 6 to 15 times in a row in Arena without paying much attention to my opponent. Sometimes I don't remember the names of the players I fight against. But I'm not going to forget this guy that I'll show you in this video.

I was playing in Arena normally when... When he destroys my first mech. My second mech appears without energy, just when I had it in my sights with the Scope. Coincidence ?

Luckily I managed to take a screenshot at the time this happened to me, since when I put on the replay to see the bug or the hack, the energy in my mech looks full.

The screenshot I took at the time the ''bug'' happened


If this is not a bug then I was fighting a Hacker. 

I hope some admins can help me find a solution to this problem. Or else I was wasting my life in this game.

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