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What even is this?



I've been getting matched against these kind of mechs a lot, 3 maxed mythicals, rare torso and legs not even upgraded. Are these bots?, because i've gotten matched against this particular "player" in like 5 different battles, different days and ranks. I have also encountered like 7 other mechs similar to this, they never talk, just one shot me with the double mythical cannons.


Ahh shit, here we go again


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those guys are win grinders "Smurfs". they are just abusers to get wins for the clan or solo wins rewards. They are powerful people abusing the new players or not advanced players regardless time in the game. 

It has been like that way before I started. Many other players used to do it when I was in my R25-R6. Your rank it is not the only rank with the issue. Even R7-R6 is plague of full loaded R1 players on mech power and HP. Having the issue at R7-R6, that push down others mechs that should be at higher positions, but they can't push up because it is really hard.  So, the chain goes down all the way because of them and of course some like your picture it is really abusive. 

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For example, below pictures. Those 2 mechs are a set combo for R7 output and damage data collection test for consistency on ranges. As solo mechs, are even lower ranks around R9-R8 but ok as combo to push R7 and R6 base. 

Due to the number of powerful guys at those ranks, those 2 mechs are push down hard even in some seasons to R10. Not a joke. Those are powerful enough to touch R5 if lucky on match maker but normally are R7 bouncing R8-R6.

Both has been tested on R5 on 1v1 and lose one after another and as combo rarely can win a fight staying in no stars at R5. 

For you are powerful but are trash mechs on R5 and barely can push R6 by luck with match maker giving lower ranks sometimes from R10-R9.


Those phys, are based on R7 for Frantic/SPARTAN/RECOIL and desert output consistency and comparing with different accounts. 

The average on the frantic it is around 50% at the 100's power output and the other will be around 200's to a close 30%. The same goes with the SPARTAN ranging at 100's power. Those are not divined and calculated with shields and torsos in use. I used to test because from start the game, I noticed that many players are consistent on higher output power vs my mechs same design and still a gap vs them to win in fair fights. I tend to lose because the power output it is lower regardless changes plus match maker consistently pair my changes to match up with mechs that will harm in an easier way my mechs.  Those 2 mechs designed are consistent on R7 but when are pushing up the R5-R1 mechs show up and destroy them pushing them even to R9. 

So, even you have those abusers there, the match maker and account create some issues in particular now that are not as many players that used to be, and the matches are too skew power vs power rank vs rank. 

Do not get angry or frustrated. Those will keep appearing even in R5 because some tops play at R5 to kill new commers to the top side and blast them like ants. 


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