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is this a good mech?



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It is not bad but sadly due to attack limitations, I will recommend removing the resist drainers. The reason it is because you have recoil range 1-2, corrupt light 3-6 and savagery 4-8. For the range 3-6 you will have a blind spot unable to do dual attack. No just that, the drone after 3 uses will go home and will have to be call back taking one attack away. 

So, you can't go for resist drain mech for now but just to try to overheat a bit with limitations. As they indicated, you might have to add the flaminator to add 3-6 dual attack at that range. Savagery will be in use on 4-8 and can use 4-6 attack combined with flaminator or corrupt. Corrupt and savagery can work together in that range for faster overheat than flaminator but will help against not to overheat your mech and help against heat mechs. 

This is just using the current module set up not changes. 

In a side note, you have a torso and leg now that you can use with those 2 frantic and rockrecoil with tonto. That might help to move up faster in some ways but will have to develop them. 

Things to consider it is the lack of modules to support a heat mech. You need to get focus on that because as higher power on your weapons, the consumption will increase so work on your modules. 

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