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Advertisements are still not showing in




I can't believe I'm making this but right now I'm really desperate to watch ads. I had bug since long ago where my ads are not showing in on my supermechs desktop version. I do not get any token ads from shop, the ads in campaign for extra hp and even when I was doing campaign, the ads is still not popped out eventho I don't have supporter tokens. Usually if you don't have supporter token, the ads will pop out everytime you are doing a mission.Screenshot_1.png.1b5c13710987025a5f269253f3762772.pngScreenshot_3.png.bdce1ce7b92f1f298705cbfe79baf8cb.pngScreenshot_2.png.70979004506c4bbd6b8d164338811dd1.png


The problem is not that I have watched too many ads and need to watch atleast an ads from mobile sm, the ads are just not showing in for sm desktop. Usually I don't have problem with this, I just open puffin apk and watch ads from there. But now puffin browser needs subscription to be used. Another problem for me is the puffin link that could still support supermechs are no longer working, so I don't really have any option to watch ads from any source. I hope someone know how to fix this problem for mem that would be very helpful.
Thank you.

aku sayang kamu

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