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Whaddyall think of these mechs??



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Shield modules are extremely important without them it’s a suicide mission. The heat and energy cap is low and energy regen and cooling is low

First mechs torso is not good use lpv instead, second mechs torso is also not good use nightmare, mpv, or windigo, and the finally mechs torso is not good use mpv, lpv, nightmare, or windigo

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1st mech

Distance 2 is very problematic, because there is only 1 weaphon. You can exchange Malice Beam and Hybrid Energy Cannon to Piercing Foximage.png.591133dd6a7efa2d334239ca094b8645.png . Your HP is so low and this mech hasn't any shields((( It'll be destroyed by any kind of mech. Energy will help only with energy mechs. 

Sorry, but 4/10

2nd mech

Zarkares.... A Legacy torso... But it's useless on 1-5/6 rank. Windigoimage.png.df65c40aca318113dbf192ddf45bb4cb.png has better stats and is lighter.

This mech isn't cooling-destroyer, that means murmur is useless. I'll recomend the Flame Waveimage.png.fe4a1264401d753d8b85c6171f4fb798.png, that push your opponent from painful distance 3. 

This mech also has good health and low shields( Corrupt Light and Savagery can't seriosly shutdown your opponent.

355 energy capacity is very very low. 2 energy shots = EnergyBreak.


3rd mech

Good HP. But range 1 has only 1 weaphon. Enemy will cut the distance and you won't be able to do anything(

I'll recommend to change Annihilation and Nightfull to Rock Recoilerimage.png.f887cbf0ac4683eb7eb07cf2b186baa3.png and second Armor Annihilatorimage.png.7ee1c92b966c9243694aace7437b9fd3.png

Low energy/heat stats, no res... If you change your combine modules to 1 Heat Storage Unitimage.png.2aebb702cfb97d2739b98084a6570560.pngand Platinum Fortressimage.png.e55c09da4c4be8330d1195e2dc91c4af.pngIt'll be cool phys hunter) But it'll be  a mech just for phys enemies!!!


Good Luck

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