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Super Mechs Failure



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Hmm, it does.

The game it does have a monthly set up for a daily progressive event on grants. Some days are gold, some are tokens, some are premium boxes, some are regular boxes, some are fortune boxes the base free gold and those have nothing to do with regular daily plays for extra stuff for the progress. 

Sure, if you are talking about a guarantee premium pack with guaranteed parts that it is not there but you can farm and use base at L20 and check the players post getting nice stuff without spend money just farming. 

Look this guy just recently



or look this one and many post from them getting goodies that not even buying premium packs give.


Is the offers expensive? all is based in general opinion, and many agree it is a bit expensive the offers because are other game players and compare. I will say that my kids play many and this one is expensive in the offers now those other games are getting prohibitive in the cost, and all is getting about charging too much money. Now, in my time, every play I had to pay and that was expensive in the arcades and when ended or killed, you needed to start overpaying not now having some free all the way games online. 

Is this game can improve on some things like portals, some grants and farming for gold and few extras around, yes, it can be a bit better to have players around and a bit happier. 

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