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Logging Problem in Facebook Account



I have been facing an issue with logging into my Supermechs account using my Facebook (FB) account for the past month. I have tried various troubleshooting steps, such as using the "forgot password" feature and reaching out to other players in the Supermechs community and Discord. Interestingly, I can log in to other games like "Mutants Genetics" and "Zombie Tsunami" without any problems using my FB account. However, Supermechs, a game I have been playing since 2018, continues to have this login issue.

It is disheartening that the app developers have not addressed this problem, considering that many players have spent countless days, months, and even years grinding and progressing their accounts through their FB accounts. Now, suddenly, we are unable to log in through FB for about a month, and it has caused a sense of grief and frustration among the affected players. The question that lingers is whether our accounts still exist or if they have been deleted either by the game or by FB. We hope the app developers can provide reassurance and clarity regarding the status of our accounts.

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