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I can't login my FB account in supermechs.



When I try to search for my old account in my new Supermechs account, it says "player not found," and I start to worry that it's gone. However, when I attempt to create a new account with the same username as my old account, it tells me that the username is already taken. This gives me some hope that my account might still exist.

Now, my first question is why I can't log in to my Supermechs account using my Facebook account. It seems that the app developer at Facebook is aware that the Supermechs app has been inactive for a long time, as it has been two months since I was last able to log in. This has left me feeling extremely bored and frustrated.

Secondly, I'm unable to check my old Supermechs account. I'm unsure if it has been erased or if there's another issue preventing me from accessing it.

I really hope someone can provide reassurance that my account hasn't been completely lost because Supermechs has been one of my favorite games since 2014.


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