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Can rate 3 my mech pls?

MonsterKiller l


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high hp mech with few or no resistance. imo it's bad.

are you playing counter? (counter is a mech classification that strong to one element, but weak at other) if you're not, balance your modules.

on 1st mech, brutality is sucks. use your windigo on your 3rd mech. and put some resistance module, please.

also, having 4 weapons with unlimited use kinda useless. 2 is enough, so you need to remove 2 of your weapon with unlimited use.

and, use common tele over rare one, if you don't mind with the teleport damage. cheaper cost, obviously. for the drone, i suggest nemo, if you're play with boiler (another mech classification, that focus to overheat the enemies). if you're not, keep that your current drone.

move on to 2nd mech. no doubt, frantic lightning sucks. maybe use another malice beam. and I repeat, high hp mech with no resistance is bad. so put some resistance modules.

and uh.. idk about your 2nd mech's drone, get a better drone. please. I suggest.. unreliable protector, it's good enough. face shocker if you didn't like backfire.

lastly, your 3rd mech. idk about this, maybe switch your hammer with rock recoiler, if you had one. and switch your drone with selfish protector.

I'm not good at rating something, but I'll give this 4/10. you need to balance your modules more.

okay, that's it. I just burned 30 brain cells after this, and my hand hurts now. anyways, feel free to correct me.

edit: about what you should upgrade, upgrade your modules.

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8 hours ago, MonsterKiller l said:
















What need upgrade?

1- Limited inventory focus in your primary mech to be use. Do not spread-out resources in the module side. 

2- Due to torsos limitations, you should not max image.png.62c7930d602a720ae6d574e0b21ff494.png. In the long even short run, sadly the torso will fail for your progression. Sure, can use according to current inventory till get something else but I will use WINDIGO the one with the CLAW leg. WINDIGO will take you to top rank in a better way. 

3- Farm a lot and use epics parts to make legends properly eating those epics that wont be able to be converted to legend and use those can be transformed into legend as meat as no need part and some are in no need so can be used properly for it. 

You can ask questions for more understanding about it.

4- Max the few parts you have available on modules that are actually good parts for the long run. 


Due to the lack of modules, you need to get focus in one mech for now. Do not invest in a second. You need to merge those parts circulated in one mech and work on max. You have to pick what mech you prefer for now.  Do not focus on weapons power right now. As more power more energy and heat consumption it will require to use draining you and overheating you and plus the opponent attack. 

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